Family Tree

One of my grandchildren (Dustin) was asking me about our family tree today. I was wishing that I had a way of putting out on the web for the family to look at. I told him that I had looked into doing that in the past but hit some snags. I think the problem was that I wanted to display it in tree form. I still haven’t found a good way of doing that, but I did find that the program I have it in can create a web page that is at least a workable alternative until I can find a way to display it as a tree.

Here’s the link…

You can click on names and move back and forth up and down the tree… pretty clunky by my estimation, but it’s betther than nothing. It does include notes and a lot of birth/death/marriage data.

I’m still looking for a better way to display the tree.

It’s also accessible from my personal home page:


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