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Three Mile Island – Steve Brooks

April 4, 2009

Here’s a link to a story written by my friend Steve Brooks. It’s a good read. Steve says that the Statesmen (in Austin TX) refused to publish it so he just sent it out in his newsletter… He said it was okay to forward it so I thought I’d save it for posterity on the Happenstance website.

Three Mile Island Story

Steve Brooks Website

14 Grandkids!!

April 1, 2009

Down at Jeff and Robin’s on 3/29/09 for Brady’s 2nd Birthday – all 14 were in attendance so I rounded them up and got a picture.


The kids

Front Row: Zacharia, James, Jacob, Caleb
Middle Row: Daniel, Rachael, Amanda, Katie, Sierra, Levi
Back Row: Dylan and Brady, Dustin, Jason