Kerrville Day zero

Okay… I wasn’t going to post anything cuz I’m tired and sleepy, but I decided to have one more beer before hitting the sack and I thought: “I could post something while I drink this beer!!”

So I’m here! I got the trailer parked pretty easily and then Thomas and Scott noticed one of the wheels on the trailer looked like it was leaning in a little bit. At least two of the tires are worn pretty bad and I’m just glad I made it here before they gave out. It looks like one of the axles is bent. I’m not gonna let it get me down though. I’ll deal with it.  The first thought I had was I was overloaded but I always make sure and put the heavy stuff in the truck… of course that may not matter if there’s enough light stuff to add up to a few pounds too many…  Answers will come soon enough.

After getting the trailer parked, and water hooked up (sewer can wait til tomorrow) I hung around with Scott, Thomas and Janie, and Bill for a bit before Scott and I took a walk around to renew old acquaintances and see who was here. Wound up at Bill Nash’s place and a song circle soon ensued. After a round or two I started yawning and since I was still in shorts and it was starting to get chilly I made a run to the trailer. Once I got here I figured out that 1) I never got around to eating lunch/supper 2) I needed to get the inside of the trailer squared away at least enough to get through the night, and 3) that yawning thing probably had something to do with being up since around 3 AM this morning….

so… I finished my sandwich and the beer is almost gone so good night!!

more tomorrow.

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