Kerrville Day 1 afternoon

Well things are looking a little brighter since I talked to the guy from Mobile RV Service. He crawled under and got the model/serial number off the axle and said he’d give me a call Friday, but felt there would be no problem getting it and replacing it where it sits!! I won’t know til tomorrow what the cost will be but from what Scott and Thomas say, it might not be too bad… bad would be if I had to drag the trailer to town to get it fixed!! The trailer brake controller seems to have stopped working and the bathroom vent fan gave up the ghost, but I hope to get those things fixed while they’re out working on the trailer.

I woke up at 3AM this morning and at that time calculated that I had three solid hours of good sleep… unfortunately that’s all I would get… I guess I couldn’t stop thinking about the axle and whether or not I had overloaded or something. Albert (from Mobile RV) said he definitely did not think that was it. He said it was probably one of the two significant potholes I hit after I got off the freeway. He said it’s fairly common. I made a sincere effort to get a nap this afternoon, but I think I’m gonna have to keep going til I hit the wall. Dan should be pulling in pretty soon and we need to meet with our Artist Rep Charlie Stewart sometime tonite.

The axle

Here you can plainly see the bow in the axle

The 2nd picture shows the wear on the inner tread… Scott and Thomas both think I can move both tires to the front axle and not have a problem so I can get some more wear out of the tires… I’ll just need to keep an eye on them.

I’ll post something tomorrow about tonite’s show – maybe take some pix… maybe go to bed early too… 😉

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