Kerrville Day 1 Evening

Happy Kamper

Things are so much better today! I hit the sack right after the show to get some much needed rest and slept 7 hours so I really feel chipper. It’ll be a lengthy post with lotsa pictures today. I don’t know if I’ll continue with this much intensity, but there’s simply a lot to say about last night! btw – It was about 63 degrees outside this morning and I considered going into town to run, but by the time I’d finished considering it, it was already 70 so I decided that could wait. I hooked up the sewer line instead… I haven’t put out the awning yet… I may not, but I did lay out the rope lights to help find the trailer when it’s late and dark… Last night was a very good opening Thursday. Almost everyone I talked to commented that this was one of the best attendances for an opening night they could remember.


My buddy Scott


Dalis Allen welcoming the crowd on opening night

Standing in the wings is Ana Egge (say ‘eggy’), who first came to Kerrville when she was 15. I didn’t get the whole story, but she wasn’t a new folk finalist. Not bad, but the lyrics were hard to pick out… maybe her voice was a little thin, or they just had the guitars up a little too much in the mains. The lead player played a B-Bender (if you need me to explain that, let me know) and he used a little more than I thought was necessary. He’s a very good player and was probably the thing I enjoyed most in the set.

George Ensle

George had the 2nd slot and did a great set. I’ve met George and talked to him on the phone and he’s a really nice guy with some GREAT songs. The picture above is a bit blurred cuz I zoomed in to get a good shot of his mustache for Scotty, who also knows him and evidently rags him a bit about his mustache… 😉 One of George’s best is a song called “Cantos con tu Corazon” (Sing With Your Heart). I might have to find it and learn it. It’s a beaut!

George’s guitar man was simply one of the best acoustic lead players I’ve ever seen on the stage at Kerrville!! As you might imagine that’s out of quite a few.

Greg Whitfield and George Ensle

Greg was super clean, fast and quite tasteful on slower stuff too… Here’s his MySpace page: Greg Whitfield – I plan to spend some time there to hear some more when the pace slows.

Next was Big Wide Grin and they sure put a smile on my face. Three part harmony is the name of their game and the songs they did were widely varied in style and genre.  I’m definitely picking up a copy of their live set which should be available tonight or tomorrow. I think there are at least two or three songs that cry out to be “Happenstanced” – Dalis said that all the artists on opening night consented to the release. I might get George’s set too.  Big Wide Grin on MySpace

No pix for the Austin Lounge Lizards… I watched the last part of their set just out of nothing else to do. I’ve seen them so many times before and to be blunt, they aren’t what they used to be. Still Enjoyed their closing number though (Jesus Loves Me But He Can’t Stand You)

Micky and the Motorcars

Micky and the Motorcars is really the two guys on the left. They are Micky and Gary, the two younger brothers of Willy and Cody Braun (Reckless Kelly). According to Scott they predictably sound a lot like Reckless Kelly, but since I didn’t know that, I thought Micky sang a lot like Steve Earle. They were very good and their lead player was solid (I would have liked him a little better if he didn’t consider distortion as a major part of his sound), 😉 as was the bass and drums, but toward the last I started getting that feeling that the songs all sounded a little too much alike…

How 'bout a Bud, Bud!

I was a little surprised to see an open container on stage. Probably not the first time, but it’s the first time I noticed. Backstage Hospitality usually supply them with cups. A few years back I saw Charlie Robison smoking on stage and I thought that was verboten…. these rebels… you just never know what they’re gonna do! As I was making my way out, they did a unique cover of “Mrs. Robinson” and I sorta wished I would have turned around and gone back in, but I was ready to lay my body down.

I’m expecting a phone call from the RV repair guy today. Looking forward to having that issue completely resolved, but I’ve got a couple of weeks to take care of it so… What? Me Worry?

More later… I’ll probably try to make it up to the ballad tree today and find some folks I haven’t run into yet…

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