Kerrville through Day 6

Okay, you can see I’ve fallen behind but I’m sure there was a good reason. I should take a clue from my friend Scott McCarley and write short posts! 😉 I added scotty’s blog to my blogroll this morning. Check it out.

First here are some pics from Day 2 and Day 3:

Sara Hickman at her best!

Chris Rosser

Thomas and Scott holding down the CD Booth Steps

BettySoo and her band (Will Sexton and Jeff Plankenhorn) from Day 3

The Burns Sisters with Jon Inman and Andrew Hardin - Day 3

Kim Richardson from Day 4 (New Folk Day 2 Winner!!)

Well let’s see, where did I leave off? Oh yeah!
Day 4: or the 2nd day of New Folk. It’s been sort of a blur since then. The 2nd batch of New Folkers was quite good, in fact, 5 of the winners came from the 2nd day. I picked 4 winners, but I can’t argue with the judges selections. Lots of songwriting talent marched across that stage!! I was particularly glad to see our Arkansas girl (from Mountain Home) Kim Richardson win, as well as Michael Troy, Dan Colehour, Kate Klim, Andy Gullahorn, and Jon Brooks. I’ll post pictures from the winners concert next Sunday.

The Indigo Girls closed Sunday night. It was huge! Probably the most people we’ve had in the main theater since the Peter Paul and Mary Reunion and it may have been bigger. Caroline Aiken, and Terri Hendrix with Lloyd Maines preceded the Indigo Girls and it turns out there is a connection there. It’s a long story though and I’m not sure I remember it well enough to tell it right. Caroline, Terri and Lloyd came out and played with them for a goodly portion of their set. It was pretty damned good!!

The downer of the night was that my camera broke… The lens got stuck in the out position and would not close. I worked on it Monday and searched all the potential solutions I could find on the net to no avail. If it can be repaired in the shop, it would cost what the camera is worth so yesterday (Tuesday) I started shopping for a camera. With the competent advice of my friend Jim Dirden, I was pretty happy with another Canon I found at Wallyworld… I had been investigating getting a better camera anyway so I guess it’s not all bad. This one has 14x optical zoom compared to 3x on my old one so I should be able to get better performance pictures. We’ll see.

Day 5: Sorta missed everything early except for a bit of Ellis Paul, but I got settled in to get a good look at the Waymores and Brave Combo. Both of them were great! Tom Kimmel is in the Waymores along with Don Henry and Sally Barris. Great three part harmonies and lotsa good songs including this one which is available as a free download (All Kinds of Kinds) – It was my first time ever to see Brave Combo and let me tell you this is the rockingest polka band you will ever hear or see, and you really need to see them to appreciate them. I tried to find a good youtube video, but I really couldn’t find any that do them justice. Just don’t miss a chance to see them when you can.

Yesterday mid-day and afternoon was a trip to town. Picked up a few needed items, shopped for a camera and met Dan and his friend Terri for lunch at Schlotzky’s. Wound up going back to town to buy the camera after talking to Dirden. I did have a bit of trouble at W-M credit card wise. I failed to notify either card company I was traveling and the purchase locked me out. I had to open an W-M account to get my camera. I hope it’s squared away now. Patty had trouble this morning (Wednesday) buying gas. She called them and they said they fixed it, but then again that’s what they told me too. We’ll see.

Last night was Woodyfest nite at Threadgill. Just barely got back from town after my credit card ordeal to catch the start of the show. I put the battery on the charger so it wasn’t ready in time to take any pictures. Quite a few main stage performers from Woodyfest made the scene (they didn’t invite Dan, myself or Greg Klyma up, although they did get Johnsmith to come up for the big finale (This Land Is Your Land). After that they showed the movie, “Bound For Glory” But I didn’t stay for it. I went ahead and grabbed my guitar and headed to Camp On This before heading on up to the SkyHigh Lounge where we had been invited to play for a benefit for Sky’s friend Super Villain. Dan and I had to follow Green Mountain Grass so we really had to do a high energy set of 5 songs to not let the mood swing low… I think we did pretty well. Got quite a few compliments. Hit the sack right afterwards… and wouldn’t you know it, I got exactly the right amount of sleep ( whatever that is 😉 )

Well I guess that’s enough for now. I’ll have more tomorrow.

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