Kerrville Day 7

Day 7 made me glad I didn’t put out my awning!! We had a pretty good storm rip through here around 7:30 last nite. I went down to catch a bit of the Blues Faculty concert to see Fiona Boyes from Australia since I had already seen everybody else on the bill. They started out with all four and then broke out to individual sets. Fiona maybe got through one song before it hit. Thankfully I knew it was coming and was rigged for fast departure. I hustled back to the trailer with the wind at my back. When I got about halfway down the trailer row, a gust of wind picked up a loose bag of plastic bottles and such and sent them flying down the road at 35 or 40 mph! I got to the trailer before the rain started and pretty much sat out the storm. We lost power so I’m sure the concert was probably stopped soon after I made my getaway. It was more wind than rain and the trailer had no protection from a neighbor. The slot between me and Bill was empty so I was catching the brunt of the storm – the trailer was rocking! more so than I can ever recall. By about 9pm it settled down to a light sprinkle and no more wind so I went to bed. I got about 9 hours of sleep and I gotta tell you, it felt pretty good!

Not much else to say, except I’m learning to use the new camera and am excited about the 14x zoom… It works great!

I wanted to post some pictures, but the connection is just too slow right now to upload them…. maybe later or tomorrow…

Looking forward to tonite’s New Folk in the Round Sundown Concert followed by the traditional Club 7 show at Camp Cuisine. Afterward Dan and I will hit the streets!

One Response to “Kerrville Day 7”

  1. Laura Eilers Says:

    Hi Dad!

    I have enjoyed reading your posts. Wish I was there! 🙂

    Love ya,

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