Kerrville Day 8

Day 8 was great! except for a few minor details which I will mention later….

I was really looking forward to the New Folk in the Round at Threadgill, and I was not disappointed. Ernest Troost, KC Clifford (and hubby David), Joe Jencks and Louise Mosrie. I’d heard them all at New Folk and on stage either at Woodyfest or SERFA and their performance in the round featured a few new songs as well as some that were their New Folk entries.

Ernest Troon, KC Clifford, David, Joe Jencks and Laura Mosrie

I took some great individual pics with my new camera, but the internet speed is really slow right now so I’ll maybe post more when I get home.

After Threadgill, I sat in at the Club 7 gathering at Camp Cuisine. It’s an annual 2nd Thursday event where anyone who has ever been a New Folk Finalist and not won (i.e. tied for 7th) is invited to a song circle. Lots of very good music as you might suppose. I stayed a couple or three  rounds and did a few of my “losers” and then headed out to Camp Stupid where Dan was sitting and as usual Ken Gaines was there. Always great to play with Ken! It was a very good song circle with Joe Spears, Brian Kalinec and others so we stayed til about 2:15 or so. I was in bed by 2:30.

FLASH! Mobile RV is here replacing the bent axle as I’m typing this!! YAY!!!

I went to a seminar at Threadgill from 1pm to 3pm on Music Law. Pretty interesting and I guess I learned a few things, but not what I had hoped to learn about publishing. Maybe I can dig for what I need to know on my own.

Okay, now for the personal stuff that made the last coupla days a little less than just great. Thursday morning while I was eating breakfast a tooth fell out! No pain and I don’t think I broke it on what I was eating (soft breakfast taco) so I began, with Patty’s help, a search for a dentist that was on our dental plan. Found one and went in only to find there was nothing temporary (or permanent within the time frame of the festival) that could be done, and I wasn’t having any pain so it was resolved to wait til I got home to fix it. It broke even with the gum line. I was a little worried about the tooth next to it since without that #7 tooth, The #8 front tooth would be getting a little more pressure on it. During the night (about 4:30am) I woke up with about half that tooth in my mouth. I got up and put it somewhere where I could find it and finally went back to sleep. This morning I discovered that the dentist I found yesterday was not open on Friday, but I was in luck and found one, who turned out to be quite good. This tooth was a porcelain crown and it broke diagonally in just about half. He was able to clean it up and cement it in with what he said was a high degree of certainty, (after grinding down the bite so it didn’t get so much pressure) that it would last until well after I got home. You can’t even see or feel where the break was. So, the net of it is that I’m going around with a gap where a tooth should be, but it only shows when I smile big…. oh yeah… I do that a lot, don’t I? 😉 An appointment has been made with Terry Fiddler DDS etc. at home so we’ll just deal with it till it can be fixed. Maybe I’ll post a picture of me without the tooth for your amusement… or maybe not…. 😉

Looking forward to a great lineup tonite and more campfires… especially the dark ones where I can smile without thinking about that damned tooth that isn’t there!

That’s all for now. Patty says I make these things too long… but I can’t help it.

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