Kerrville Day 9

Short post!! Last nite was great – I can’t upload the pix, it’s just taking too long. Might post some later when the internet traffic lets up. Louise Mosrie in her mainstage debut was just great, and you know Jack Williams always rocks our world. His set was followed by Ronny Cox who never fails to amaze and entertain me beyond my expectations. Besides being a really nice man, his song selections are always tasty, and quite often I hear one I’ve never heard that is especially moving. He did a John Williamson song called Diamantina Drover. I would have thought I might have been the only person in the theater who had ever heard that Australian cowboy song from the Aussie folk singer, but it’s another example of how Ronny’s song selections amaze and please. Ray Benson did a fine set with a fiddle and a bass player. Didn’t catch the names, but they well could have been a portion of Asleep at the Wheel. Eric Schwartz was…. “Eric” and we’re glad of that. Deeply introspective or ridiculously irreverent, you know you’re gonna get some of all of it. A few new ones as well as the old ones we were glad he did. There’s one pic with Dalis in the background and from the look on her face you might think she was just a bit worried about what Eric “might” do. I’ve got a great pic of Eric with Rod Kennedy in the background in the VIP booth and Dalis backstage. Looks sorta like Eric is the bridge between two distinct eras of the Kerrville Folk Festival… or not… 😉  Amy Speace closed out quite well. She was in the Club 7 Song Circle the night before and did a couple of the new ones that she also did on stage last night. She sure looked good too…

Was up til a little after 3AM at Camp on This. Good circle with Hamp and Janet, Klyma for a while, Matt, and Jack Motley, me and Dan and one or two others. It was hard to leave it.  Took a couple of Advil PMs since I’m trying to wearing an athletic tooth protector while I sleep and I was afraid it might make it hard. Had no problems though… slept over 7 hours. Here’s Day 10… Looks like I missed the Music To Life concert at Threadgill, but I’m sorta getting a late start.

Pix to follow… I hope…

Be sure and check out my friend Scotty’s blog – He’s building something at Camp On This and he’s posting pictures of the progress. (Scott’s Blog)


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