Kerrville Pix

Here’s a bunch of pix from the past week… no particular order…

Kinky Friedman signing a book for someone on a table that just happens to have a Happenstance Sticker on it!!!

Kinky Friedman and Scott McCarley

Kinky and Me - eat your heart out Brooks! 😉 - can you tell I am trying to hide my missing tooth?

Dalis Allen observing the action from the sidelines

Louise Mosrie opening on Friday nite 6/4 Day 9 - a little blurry, but it is the only one I got with her smiling...

Jim Dirden waiting for the right moment to snap a great picture!


Ronny Cox with Freebo, Rad, Jack Williams and Karen Mal on Friday June 4 - Day 9

Karen Mal with Ronn Cox

Eric Schwartz with Rod Kennedy seated in the VIP Box and Dalis looking on from backstage. Maybe she's wondering what Eric might do?

Ray Benson also on Friday nite

Amy Speace closing out Friday nite (wow!!) - I was in the Club 7 Song Circle with her on Friday nite.

I’ve got pix from Wednesday and Thursday as well as from last nite (Saturday) to post maybe tomorrow. I need to edit, crop and shrink ’em first…

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