Kerrville Day 10 & 11

Well, another coupla days slipped by on me so here’s a 2 days for the price of 1!
Day 10
I missed Music to Life Concert in the afternoon as well as the winner’s performance on main stage. Got down there in time to catch most of the rest of Peter Yarrow and Paul Stookey’s set (including Peter’s birthday cake). The nicest surprise of the night was Seth Glier, who sorta reminds me of Anthony DeCosta in that he writes much older than his years might lead you to believe. Trout Fishing never fails to do a great set. They got Chris Chandler up on stage to share a number. Very Nice!! Missed most of Katy Moffat and Andrew Hardin but their last 2 or 3 numbers were great. Guy Foryth is simply amazing. I refuse to describe what he does. He is the founding member of the Asylum Street Spankers so if your curious, do some googling, but nothing will compare to what it is to see the boy live!!!

Day 11
Not too much to say about it. Nothing really bad, but I was sure glad I was there to see Greg Trooper. Great performer and outstanding writer. Chip Dolan was his sideman on keys and squeeze (box). Chip adds a lot to any performance! It may be the 2nd live set of the festival I’ll just have to have! Shake Russell was Shake Russell and for those of us who love Shake, that’s always quite enough. He’ll be taking part in the John Vandiver memorial concert tonight on Threadgill. Should be very good. John was a huge part of Shake and Dana’s early career and success.

I’ll wait for pictures since I need to run to town, and it will take a while to edit and upload them.

Scott, Lee and I sat around at Dirden’s last night. It’s the first night of the festival we were able to convince Jim to get that beautiful Gibson Hummingbird out and play for us (Did I mention that John Prine signed it for him?) 😉 Great music, great night!

This morning, I called Jim Green to wish him a Happy Birthday – He and Jeannie just got back from Sanibel and he talked seriously about coming down later this week. He’s gonna call Skiles and see if he wants to come too. It would be great to see them since the Emeralds didn’t get to play at any reunions this year (long story for another place and time).

Tooth situation is still okay… and it seems like 5 hours of sleep is going to be the norm and okay for the rest of the festival. I feel pretty rested.

More later…

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