Kerrville Day 12 and Day 11 pix

First the pix from Day 11:

Abi Tapia

Kevin Connolly

Warren Hood on fiddle

Greg Trooper

Chip Dolan on keys and squeeze (box)

Greg Trooper with Chip Dolan and Eric Schwartz shooting the breeze behind the CD Booth

Shake Russell

Day 12 It was a good day both on and off the ranch! cooked up one of those Jimmy Dean breakfast skillets where you just add eggs. Of course it’ll be breakfast for the next few days since I have plenty of leftovers. I’ve got some tortillas so they make a fair substitute for the breakfast taco I would rather have. That was around noon or so. I showered and then made a trip into town to pay the axle replacement bill and get my trailer brake connector checked out as well. It turns out it was way out of adjustment (my fault). There are two dials and evidently I got them mixed up and it was no problem and no charge to get them back where they should be. While in town I picked up a few more supplies and made it back to the ranch in plenty of time to catch the John Vandiver Tribute concert. It was good, but I couldn’t help but wish it was John up there singing those songs. The best things about it were the recollections and stories about how people met him and some of the things that John said and did. Afterwards I found out that Mel (who I really met for the first time this year, but had seen over at Camp on This a lot) knew John well so after the concert I enjoyed his recollections as well. He also filled in a little history concerning his last days and the subsequent arrest and conviction of the perp who killed John and his girlfriend.  Mel at that time was married to John’s ex-wife and was step-dad to his little girl.

John Vandiver Tribute

Gurf and Shake and the orginal drummer for the Ewing Street Times band (sorry - I forgot his name)

After the concert I went with Scott to Camp on This and I had forgotten that they were having a big fish fry. It was a great and unexpected treat and of course it evolved into a great song circle. I met a few new folks and finally got to hear Yuri play a couple of russian folk songs on his accordian. I was planning on leaving there and going up to Bruce Boldt’s to hear Travis and/or go down to Camp Nash Bill, but we got a little bit of a stop and go shower that lasted for over an hour so we just hung out under the big tarp and kept on playing. I headed home around 1:30 I guess and got a solid nights sleep… Bring on Day 13!! My how the time flies.

I guess I’ll walk down to the office and see if my absentee ballot arrived. If it does, I’ll need to make ANOTHER TOWN RUN to get it postmarked by today. Other than that, I think the next town run will be my last and that will be to wash clothes maybe Wednesday or Thursday.

Looking forward to seeing Anne Feeney and Chris Chandler this evening. That’ll be a reunion of the first time I ever saw Chris. Here lately, Chris has teamed up with a few different people, but for me, it was never better than when he was teamed up with Anne.

I’ve heard from some of you that you are enjoying the posts… even though some of them are a little longer than you might prefer, but I’m doing this for myself too. I’m just trying to preserve some of the magic and the memory of this wonderful time and place. I’d love it if some of you would like to make comments. It helps me feel a little more connected to all of you out there who wish you were here.

more later..

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