Kerrville Day 13

Another great day on the ranch. Spent some time over at Camp on This in the afternoon. Scotty’s sculpture is complete, but people keep adding odd shaped rocks and miscellaneous items to it, and/or around it.

Scotty Valerie and the sculpture at Camp on This - Laura, this is the Valerie that sent you the running info - she asked about you.

Those are solar lights mounted in the bottles. Scotty built it at home, and reassembled it here on the ranch.

I got Jack Motley to record his “ailments” routine. I’m gonna let him review it before posting it on You-Tube, but I’ll post it somewhere for private consumption when I get it edited (maybe later today). Besides being one of my best friends on the ranch, Jack is a great singer/songwriter, and quite the comedian too (as well as being the undisputed ringmaster of Camp on This)

Jack Motley describing his "ailments"

The Sundown Concert was something else! Anne Feeney’s always good and inspiring with her take on social awareness and politics. Chris Chandler shone brightly with his Kerrville debut with his new stage partner Paul Benoit and he added Paul Pearcey and Freebo to the band for the occasion. He did a full set of all new material (at least as far as my memory goes back) and it was an inspiring performance. I think that’s gonna be another set I have to take home with me on CD!!

Anne Feeney

Chris performing a routine in which he is hitchhiking to Kerrville

Paul Benoit is quite a singer songwriter, but sorta remains in the background for Chandler's performances - If you don't know about Chris Chandler, what he does is recite original poetry interspersed with popular songs. Without someone like Paul, Chris couldn't do what he does so well.

The Anne Feeney - Chris Chandler Reunion - Anne used to do what Paul Benoit is now doing with Chris

Chris preachin! The ease with which he gets up on the chair is astounding.

After the show I took a walk, a long walk around the ranch. I stopped at Camp Stupid for about 10 minutes. They were watching a movie, but not just any movie. I don’t know the name of it, but I gotta have it. It’s about Blaze Foley’s life and career.  Long story, but a good one… I finally climbed the hill up to where Bruce Boldt is camped with Travis and Gunn nearby. They were sitting around talking so we formed a song circle and that lasted til bedtime around midnite. The Sundown concerts allow for a bit of an earlier bedtime for those of us that require it…. 😉 Great songs and I had been looking forward to hearing Travis who writes and sings in the Sam Baker style… If you don’t know about Sam Baker that might not mean much to you, but believe me when I tell you, you SHOULD find out about Sam Baker if you’re not familiar with him.

I hope to get an early start again tonite… Nash Bill was dark as were a couple of other camps that I’ve been looking forward to visiting.

Let the day begin… The forecast calls for scattered t-showers. We had a few clouds yesterday, but no rain. We could probably stand a little rain (no wind) to settle the dust again. There’s rain out to the east of us around Austin, but I expect whatever we get will either just pop up or come in from the west.

more later…


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  1. Anne Feeney Says:

    Nice photos!!

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