Kerrville Day 14

Wow! Only 4 days left! Where did it go? Yesterday was a good day on the ranch. Woke this morning to a light drizzle. It wasn’t even showing up on the radar and sure enough it burned off and it looks like we’re in for another hot one.

I made what I hope to be my last town run this morning to do laundry and pick up a few items at the store. Got a call from Jim Green while in town and learned that he won’t be able to make it out for this last weekend, but is planning ahead to make it happen next year!

I wonder why you can find Jalapeno flavored bean dip all over Texas and not in Arkansas, and you can by Jalapeno cheese crackers in Arkansas and can’t find them in Texas? Just one of those marketing things that leave you scratching your head…. šŸ˜‰

Spent a good part of yesterday afternoon at Camp on This. If this sounds like a persistent habit, it is. There’s a huge tree over there that offers a great place to sit around in a circle, plus the nicest folks seem to hang out over there. Jack and Lura Faye Motley seem to be magnets for nice people or something.

Bruce Boldt, Lura Faye in the background and Mary Martha (Jack's sister) at Camp on This

Scotty and Valerie

Mike Cooper and Scotty

Jenee and Bruce

Jack Motley

The Sundown Concert was another New Folk in the Round. Former winners Nels Andrews (2002), Rebecca Loebe (2009), and Robby Hecht (2008) along with Raina Rose who was a finalist in 2007 and pretty popular among the volunteers and younger contingent on the ranch. My favorite was Robby Hecht. I shouldn’t comment further, but I wasn’t there for the entire set so my judgement may not be accurate… anyway, I still like Robby.

Nels, Raina, Rebecca and Robby

After the Sundown Concert, Scotty and me took off to hit some camps we hadn’t been to and sad to say some folks have either gone home or are just not having circles. We wound up back up on the high road with Bruce, Gunn and Travis as well as the Intellitouch Tuner guy, Alan (Allen?) – Stayed there til we got sleepy around midnite and turned in.

I guess I’ll get out of the trailer and see what I can find – I’ll probably wind up over at Camp on This…


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