Kerrville Day 15

Day 16 started with a little pop up t-shower left over from what we thought we’d get last nite I guess… No real wind, but a few close lightning strikes and a pretty good dust settling rain.

Turned in around midnite last nite. Did a walkabout without my guitar and found a big party up at sky-high, a loosely knit circle at Camp on This where Jack and Frankie Meyer (just got here yesterday – great to see Frankie!) and a guy named Ted were swapping snake stories, and not much else. I found out Bill Nash indeed had gone home. He had some pretty tough days on the ranch and in town, where someone ran into his van. He’d been running a fever and with other various things he’s had to contend with related to his MS, he just thought it best if he packed it in. Sorry I missed getting down to see him again.

Good day yesterday with the afternoon spent mostly at Camp on This just shooting the breeze and enjoying the company of several of my philosophizing friends.

Mel - so glad I got to know Mel better this year.

Mike good player - gotta get his last name

Bob Tom talking about El Jimador tequila

George and Randy got here yesterday. Andy and Laurie on the day before but I didn't get a snapshot of them yet. Miller and Robbie are here too... just about grown up now. I'll try to get a pic today.

George and Randy gave us this flamingo. It’s very thoughtful of them and I wasted no time in finding a place to put it back by the fence where the ground is a bit softer. It’s a weather vane built out of a single piece of fiberglass. Pretty nice! He need’s a name since all his predecessors have pretty much died off…. 😉

George and Randy's Flamingo needs a name!

And then comes the evening and the Sundown Concert…

Barbara Cope guarding the CD booth at Threadgill - She's a very sweet lady and also happens to be the "Old Fart's" ex and Skyman's step mom.

Raina like a deer caught in the headlights, or was this a pose?

Raina again, this time a bit more posed and poised... 😉

The Sundown Concert featured Poor David’s B. W. Stevenson Memorial Songwriting Contest Winners, and I gather they were not necessarily this year’s winners. Mark Wayne Glasmire opened, but I didn’t get any good pics of him. Then it was Owen Temple, who I thought was the highlite of the evening until Zane Williams came on. Elizabeth Willis was probably better than I thought, but she kept letting her bass string ring on a lot of chords that didn’t sound like the string was part of the chord. That made it hard for me to concentrate on the lyrics. I didn’t care much for Zane’s first couple of songs. They sounded just a little too commercial country for my taste, and I almost got up and walked, but I hung in there and was glad I did cuz his last few songs were just great!

Owen Temple

Owen and his guitar guy - I didn't get his name, but he played quite well!

Elizabeth Wills

Zane Williams

Well tonite should be a really good show. I don’t know anything about Krista Detor yet, but Chuck Pyle and Susan Gibson are next on the bill and the night should close out with the hills rocking and ringing with Walt Wilkins and the Mystiqueros followed by Band of Heathens. Both these bands are top notch and definitely two of my favorites. I got to meet Walt when he played a house concert near Conway a while back. He let me play his guitar.

Me and Walt Wilkin's guitar in June 2009 - Long story about how this one of a kind guitar came to be. Maybe I'll tell it some other time.

Forecast for today is possible t-storms, but the rest of the weekend is supposed to only be partly cloudy… I hope they’re right. Well, I guess that’s it for now. The rain has stopped and the day begins!!


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