Kerrville Day 16

Okay… time for a quick review of the past 24 hours or so…

First, this the 3rd post of the day so be sure and check the previous two posts which contain links to a couple of videos (Jack Motley’s ailments and Chuck Pyle’s bumper stickers).

Day 16 My neighbor and friend Andy discovered during a morning thunder shower yesterday that there was a hole in his roof…. right over the bed!!! Talk about a rude awakening.

Andy doing roof repair - evidently the skylight / roof vent blew off- What would we do without duct tape?!?!?!?

Laurie George and Randy watching Andy doing roof repair

Andy and Laurie's Robbie grew up!

Miller - Robbie's cousin - sat down front with Scotty and me for the last 2 sets last nite

At any Camp on This song circle, an excuse will cost you a dollar!

At any Camp on This song circle, an excuse will cost you a dollar!

Lisa, Scott and Laurie under the big tree at Camp On This

I finished the rough edits of the Happenstance live CD yesterday so I was able to dismantle the PC and stow it out of the way. When I get back home Brooks and I will begin the final edits prior to mastering in earnest!

I talked to Bruce Chapman last night and he told me he would give me a copy of Rod Kennedy’s New Folk history presentation, which he made prior to the New Folk Winner’s concert. I was hoping it would be on the Winner’s Concert CD, but I checked and it wasn’t. When I get it I’m going to post it on my New Folk History site. That reminds me, I haven’t posted this year’s winners yet!!!

Krista Detor was better than I thought she was gonna be… sorta low key, but a beautiful voice, nice piano and accordian playing and some pretty good songs!
Chuck Pyle is just the only guy in the world that writes Zen Cowboy Music, but it’s great no matter what you wanna call it.

Krista Detor hubby Dave Weber

Chuck Pyle never fails to amuse, entertain, enlighten and amaze me. What else can I say…

Chuck Pyle - The Zen Cowboy

Susan Gibson has written some great songs, but I didn’t sit still for much of her set… I did some visiting!

Susan Gibson

Walt Wilkins and the Mystiqueros and then the Band Of Heathens closed out a great night with back to back powerful sets.

Walt Wilkins

Walt and the boys

Band of Heathens

Well, I gotta get rolling down to Threadgill… The Staff Concert is underway!!!


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