Kerrville Day 17

Day 17

Welcome Home and the rock garden at the front gate

I suppose this should have been the first picture on day zero, but yesterday was a day to take a sentimental walk around the ranch and snap some pictures of some landmarks. The rock garden is nowhere near as complex as it usually is. I dunno if it got knocked down and is in a state of reconstruction or what.

Things are winding down, people are talking about their plans to leave and I feel a familiar sadness about our little village of musicians disbanding for another year (I don’t count little folk, since I’m never able to be here for it). Scotty left before I got out of the trailer about 10am this morning. Maybe he didn’t want to see me cry…. šŸ˜‰ There are other people that have already gone home that I didn’t get to spend near enough time with, but that’s how it goes when you’re having fun.

I’m still thinking I’ll spend Monday packing up and resting for an early departure Tuesday morning. The prospect of driving nearly 12 hours without some recuperation does not make me feel optimistic and I don’t want to have to spend the night in a Wallyworld parking lot in the summer with no air conditioning. There’ll be a few people leaving at various times Monday so I’ll be able to go around and get some departing kerrhugs.

Okay… now on with the walkabout pix –

This sign is just inside the front gate. I don't know how long it's been there, but it seems like quite a while.

Staff Rekerrds - Anyone on staff can put their CDs here. Kinda nice - it's faces the Kerrtry Store and there's always a crowd gathered near here. Lotsa impromptu performances occur on the little stage out in front of it.

Kerrtry Store - Beer Ice and soft drinks mostly

Mo's Cafe - Next door to the Kerrtry Store. Great food here! Wraps, breakfast tacos etc. - They do catering all over the country and also do the backstage food at Woodyfest. They have a booth in the main stage area too. I had a Santa Fe wrap Friday nite. It was great!

Other than my lunch in town with Dan and Terri, and the breakfast tacos I bought and brought out here to freeze and eat for 3 days, the Santa Fe wrap Friday night was the only time I “ate out”.

Kidsville - Lots of activities going on here for the kids.

Green Room at Threadgill - I think they finished it up before the festival this year. I haven't been in it since they finished it, but it's probably a lot nicer than the main stage green room which Happenstance stayed at on the work weekend we played here.

Coffee Shop near Threadgill - I've never patronized it, but it's here every year.

I pretty much missed the staff concert. I got down there too late to get a seat in the shade. I went down and found a place to sit long enough to see Raina Krause’s new group, The Love Leighs, perform and then headed for someplace cool.

The Love Leighs with Raina in the middle. If I heard correctly, the guitarist is not a regular part of this double ukelele group. It's Wilson Marks filling in for Jimmie Dreams. (Thanks Bob for the info - I've played with Wilson on the street, but it was dark and I didn't recognize him in the daylight... quite the player, isn't he!!)

Last nite was good if only for the opportunity to see Anthony daCosta and Danny Schmidt. Danny sang his song about the church with the broken and replaced “Stained Glass”… it’s a six or seven minute saga and one of the best songs I’ve ever heard out here. It was one of his two songs when he was a New Folk winner in 2007. What can I say about Anthony? You would think that there’s no way to stuff this much talent into this young man and from all indications it has not gone to his head. I still feel remorse that I missed his set two years ago when I was still on staff and unable to see him because of my working in the CD Booth. Getting to see him at Brick Street last year sorta made up for it. He broke a string on his guitar and borrowed my Taylor to play his set. We (Happenstance) were playing that afternoon and were doing the MCing so my guitar was handy.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Red Molly opened and Abby (who shared the stage with Anthony here two years ago), Laurie and Carolann were very good. Nice three part harmony and Abby’s Dobro work was quite nice. I didn’t know anything about them, and maybe what I heard from a few friends who had seen them had me expecting too much, but don’t get me wrong, they’re mighty fine performers!

Red Molly - Abby, Laurie and Carolann

Anthony DaCosta

Anthony and the Fragrant Vagabonds (or was it Flagrant Vagabonds)

Colin Brooks should have been in the picture above, but he was way off to the right, sitting down, had his hat on and his head down, so I cropped him out… sorry Colin… That’s Pickles on the far left and Raina Rose 2nd from the right. I don’t have the other names. It seems like Raina Rose is the backup singer of choice for this year’s mainstage performers.

Kinky was here and read a chapter from his book in between sets... I'm not sure why... OH YEAH! maybe to try to sell some books back there by the Hospitality Booth? šŸ˜‰

After Anthony’s set and the Kinky appearance, the Flying A’s took the set. Stuart and Hillary Claire Adamson have some nice harmonies and good tunes. They’re Austin folks and an obvious crowd favorite. I met Hillary at Camp on This a couple of days ago when she had just arrived on the ranch and came by to visit Jack and Lura Fay.

Hillary and Stu - The Flying A's

Danny Schmidt followed with Carrie Elkin sitting beside him. Beautiful harmonies and I’m just not going to try and describe Danny other to say that he plays sitting down and you’d think that works against him, but if you’re up close and can watch him, you sort of get transported in his images and delivery. Great Set!! “Stained Glass” brought an awesome round of applause.

Danny Schmidt and Carrie Elkin

Danny, Carrie and Anthony

I still love Slaid Cleaves and I’m glad he’s writing again, but although he had two very talented sidemen (fiddle and mandolin) they just didn’t seem to click. I think I would have enjoyed him more with a full band. He did a few of his old songs that were still my favorites, but all in all, I could have missed the set and been okay with it.

Slaid with his accomplices

Slaid shows a touch of gray nowadays, but he still makes the ladies swoon. I overheard a few of them talking on the way out to the campgrounds after the show.

4 Responses to “Kerrville Day 17”

  1. Bob Says:

    That is Wilson Marks filling in for Jimmie Dreams in your picture of the Love Leighs.

  2. duggles Says:

    Thanks Bob! I’ll modify/edit to note that!

  3. stangalang Says:

    I believe the ensemble backing up ADC was the “Fragrant Vagrants”.

  4. duggles Says:

    I knew that… They were bantering back and forth on stage about whether it should be fragrant of flagrant…. I guess I didn’t indicate clearly how far my tongue was in my cheek… šŸ˜‰
    Thanks for the feedback!

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