Kerrville Day 18

Yup, it’s the last one! I stopped by Threadgill on the way to Camp on This and listened to the Jitterbug Vipers. They play some very cool 20’s to 50’s jazz. Slim Richey is on guitar and probably leads the group.  He’s very smooth and quite good.

Slim Richey and the Jitterbug Vipers

I eventually wandered back to the trailer and spent some time next door with Andy and the gang. I snapped a couple of pics of people that I hadn’t gotten yet.

Bill Bernard (2 doors down in the big rig)

Robert (of Robert and Ann Mary - never got a pic of her though)

Miller again, this time without the shades!

I missed most of the Fire Ants who opened the evening. I had seen them last year, and I guess they’re just not my cup of tea. Dana Cooper was on next and did a laid back set.

Dana Cooper - a little blurry, but it's the only one I got where he's smiling, has his eyes open, and is not behind either the harmonica or the mic!

I wandered during Two High Strings set. Very good bluegrass, but I needed to go shopping. I ran into Steve Brooks by the crafts booths and chatted for a bit. I congratulated him on having his name mentioned on main stage as either the writer or co-writer twice on Saturday night. He said that Albert and Gage were going to play another co-write during their set (Wings of War). We talked about how ironic it is that he submitted songs to new folk for 20 consecutive years and was never selected as a finalist. Go figure!! Some things just don’t make sense!

Steve Brooks in his Kamp Kantigree T-shirt and frog hat... long story about the frog reference... perhaps some other time.

Stonehoney was next and I didn’t know what to expect. I started out sitting pretty far back with Andy and the gang, but the first time I heard a riff from the lead guitar, I had to move down front. They play what probably could be called as mainstream country or country rock, but seeing and hearing Phil Hurley was all I wanted to do… This cat can play!!!

Stonehoney with Phil Hurley on the right

Phil Hurley

Thought I’d get a pic of Vern and Lenore, but they stay pretty busy and it’s not easy to find them together so I just caught them in the act of working.

Vern working security on the aisle stage right... actually he's dancing! 😉

Lenore - working security stage right

Albert & Gage (Christine and Chris) closed out the night with a fine set! Chris is a tremendous talent on guitar, keyboards, accordion and who knows what else. He appears to be a man among boys, as Scott likes to say. He also produces records for a lot of Texas Artists.

Chris Gage and Christine Lambert

Chris and Christine were joined by a cast of hundreds singing Heal in the Wisdom and then it was time to go. I didn’t get a picture cuz I was captured on my way back to my chair by Tom and Carol so I was holding hands and swaying like we always do…  no really, we always do that!!!  Some of us try to leave the theater to avoid it… just kidding! 😉

I made the rounds yesterday and today to say my goodbyes and get and give my kerrhugs. I guess this is my last post until I get home. I plan on being in bed early tonite and getting an early start so I may not even check my email before I leave. When I get home I will gather up all the blog-posted photos and slap them up on Facebook, I’ll also send emails to all the people who I’ve talked about and taken their pictures while I documented another wonderful year at the greatest little folk festival in the world! I hope I’ve brought some of the magic to you.


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