Woodyfest 2010 Wednesday and Thursday

Okemah's old water towers

Okay, I’ve had a couple or three days of down-time. I guess it’s time for me to organize my thoughts and post some pix!

Posting daily to the blog or to Facebook was not an option for me since our room was in Henryetta and by the time I got back to it daily, I was ready to lay down, and then the next morning there was just time to get a shower and head back to Okemah.

Although it was a little on the warm side, it was a great year at Woodyfest for Happenstance and for me as well. We played at the Pioneer Nursing Home in Seminole on Wednesday afternoon at 2pm. Happenstance arrived at Okemah in separate vehicles at different times and finally all got in sync about 10 minutes before 2pm in the nursing home lobby!! I won’t say who was the last to arrive – but some of you might guess. Traci is always such a gracious hostess and we had a lot of fun playing and talking to the residents. We had ice cream after that and we went back to the campgrounds with a huge box of beautiful and delicious cookies. They lasted maybe a day and a half.

Got through artist check in when we got back to Okemah, then it was off to the campgrounds for some jammin’ and some re-acquaintin’ and some meeting new friends. Brooks and Susie had the largest time  on Wednesday nite thru Thursday morning, and spent Thursday afternoon recovering…. 😉 That gave us time on Thursday nite to actually build a set list and rehearse a couple of things we needed a little more confidence on.

Spent Thursday afternoon at Joe Hill’s.

Robin, Bob, Joe Baxter, Jamie and Louis

Louis, Joe Hill and TZ Wright

Marcus? and Robin

Thursday nite on main stage, we just caught Sonia’s set and made it back to the campgrounds to practice.


Sonia again

Sonia again

She is quite the performer… and a sweetheart to boot!

I’ll post Friday and Saturday a little later today… hopefully…. 😉

2 Responses to “Woodyfest 2010 Wednesday and Thursday”

  1. carolyn Says:

    Great to see, and hear you!

  2. duggles Says:

    ditto Carolyn… Are you on facebook? I posted ALL my pics there. If you are, send me a friend request… even if you’re not, I think you can still look at the album: http://www.facebook.com/#!/album.php?aid=69831&id=1513368475

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