Woodyfest 2010 Friday

I got a good night’s rest Thursday after we practiced til about 11pm. Motored on back to Okemah around 10:30am. We (Happenstance) acted as hosts all day Friday at the Brick Street Cafe. We were blessed with a great lineup. The Burns Sisters kicked it off at 11am and it just kept getting better all day long.

Andrew Hardin warming up and tuning

Burns Sisters with Rad, and Andrew Hardin

Radoslav Yorkovik and Andrew Hardin backed up the Burns Sisters quite well of course. They did a great set! Betty Soo was next up and I really do like her and her songs, but Jack Hardy was down at the Crystal in place of Andre Duvekot and I had promised him I’d show up. I think Jack Hardy is “DA BOMB!”

Jack Hardy with Abbie and Cameron backing...Abbie Gardner from Red Molly on Dobro and Cameron Snyder from Broken Wing Routine on bass provided Jack with accompaniment.

Jack Hardy at the Crystal

I talked to Jack later in the day and he said that his goal was not to repeat any songs for the entire festival. He stuck to that except for one song someone requested for him to do at the Hoot on Sunday (Sojourner Truth – Ain’t I a Woman) but he did one from Rye Grass that I’d never heard (Now and Then). Awesome song… here are the lyrics:
Now and then is just the difference between
Two points in time, now and then
Now and then could be a lifetime ago
Or could just be today, now and then
And here where we watch that river day after day
You’d think that it is never changing
But change is the just the silence between why and when
That fills the space ‘tween now and then

Now and then people try to write about where they’re going
And where they’ve been, now and then
Or they write endless verse ’bout how things stay the same
To shield themselves from any kind of change
But here where the river flows both ways with the tide
You always know there are two ways to decide things
Now and then you have to put down your pen
And just live in the space ‘tween now and then

Now and then is not the same as before and after
Or the here-after-noon of what you said
What you say and do either rings true
Or dies in the silence ‘tween now and then
I hear there are those who don’t know how to forgive
And cannot live but drown in that river of now and then
I love you now, I loved you then
And I’ll love you in the space ‘tween now and then
I’ll love you in the silence ‘tween now and then

I’m downloading the CD from CDBaby – I gotta have it.

Just before Jack’s set ended I hot footed it back to the Brick to introduce Randy Weeks. Randy had about half of Stonehoney as his backup band, including Phil Hurley on lead guitar, Nick Randolph and Dave Phenicie as well as a girl named Jess… (I should have got a last name – she’s got a great voice). They all knew each other and have been based out of Austin for the recent past. Randy has a suitcase full of great songs, and they rocked!!

Randy Weeks had pretty good back up - Dave, Nick, Phil (from Stonehoney) with Jess

Randy Weeks had pretty good back up - Dave, Nick, Phil (from Stonehoney) with Jess

Emily Kaitz followed and was her usual great self… dry humor and great songs. We stepped out the back door to do some last minute rehearsal so I didn’t get the chance to get any pix of the set. She had the Monotones for backup. Lotsa fun! Then it was time for our set. A lady we met took a few pictures of us and so did Jeannie and Larry from Corpus, who came all the way up here, JUST TO SEE US!! We were floored. Also in attendance was Dana Swift and Bev as well as Staci and Chrissy and a few more campground buddies.

Happenstance at The Brick (taken by Jeannie)

We did 5 new ones to go with our traditional opening three, but we didn’t open with them. We opened with a trilogy – first was a totally acapella version of Stephen Foster’s Hard Times followed by Tom Russel’s American Hotel (about Stephen Foster) and Woody’s Aint a gonna be treated this a way. Then we did a new one from Dan (Missin’ You In Memphis) and one from Brooks (Hole in my Heart) I had a new one too, but it was a bit too complicated to work up in the short term… then we did our opening three and closed with Willin’

Happenstance at the Brick taken by Candy

Then Butch Morgan was up and it was his first official appearance at Woodyfest. He was there last year backing up several folks and hanging out. He managed to put together quite a good back up group…. Sonia and Jonathan Byrd!!! Outstanding!

Butch Morgan with Sonia and Byrd - not a bad backup group!!!

After Butch it was time for Oklahoma’s own, legendary, Randy Crouch… I will not attempt to explain to you what it’s like to be there for a Randy Crouch set, but if you’ve ever experienced, it you know what I mean. If you haven’t, you need to experience it.  The way I like to explain it is that Randy gets from A to Z when you don’t think there’s a way in hell he can get there… He’s a (insert appropriate expletive here) GENIUS!

Randy Crouch tearin' it up at The Brick with David Amram and Don on bass - Dean is hiding back there on the drums.

Randy Crouch tearin' it up at The Brick with David Amram and Don Morris on bass - Dean Brown is hiding back there on the drums.

Then we headed out to the Pastures of Plenty for the evening. We were backstage eating during Butch Hancock’s set, but went out front for Terri Hendrix/Lloyd Maines and Stonehoney.

Lloyd Maines and Terri Hendrix - Great Set!!

I guess I didn’t take any pictures of Stonehoney… I guess I was just listening. They were awesome as expected. I took a lot of pix at KFF if you just gotta see them, here’s one:

Stonehoney with Phil Hurley on the right

Missed Ellis Paul’s set… I don’t remember why… I do like him. I must have received some “let’s go” pressure from some other Happenstance person…. 😉

Okay… time to go to bed or maybe not… hung around and listened to a partial version of Mockingbird (Jeff Clanton is playing with them) then faded a bit and headed to the Super 8 in Henryetta.

I’ll post Saturday tomorrow….

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