Woodyfest 2010 Saturday and Sunday

I didn’t get to Okemah until around noon… I was dragging my feet a bit. When I find a good place to park and made my way toward Lou’s Rocky Road, I heard what I guessed was Mockingbird. It’s the group that Dan’s son Jeff has joined and they were tearing it up… I got there in time to hear their last song.

Jeff Clanton giving a copy of the Mockingbird CD to Jack Hardy (he liked them, so did I!)

After Mockingbird, our friend Jay Sea Campbell took the stage and I had sorta promised him I’d be there to catch his set. Jay Sea is a kerrvert from way back and along with skyman were our gracious hosts for our trip to the Kerrville work weekend. I sat in the crowd with Peggy digging it! We’re gonna pick one of his songs we can harmonize on when we do the next work weekend.

Jay Sea Campbell

Bob Dupree is the guy that hosts the open mic at Lou’s (along with the right Rev. Scott Taylor who has been among the missing for a couple of years, but who assures me via FB he’ll be back). Bob fills in when there’s a gap in the open mic lineup and does a great job. He’s got a bunch of great tunes!

Dan and Bob Dupree

Lou has dedicated a parking place in front of the Rocky Road for Joel Rafael, but she has also reserved the swing in the patio for Jack Hardy. Here she is sharing a few moments with Jack on the swing.

Jack Hardy and Lou

Jack Hardy and Lou

What would Woodyfest be without Lou? not near what it is, I’ll guarantee!! I got word that Joel Rafael would be doing a set and Jonathan Byrd would be doing a set so I decided it was about time to spend a significant amount of time hanging out in the patio. I missed some great acts at the Brick and the Crystal, but you can only be one place at a time so I found a measure of peace with that philosophy and settled in.

Carolyn Davis sharing Jack's swing

Joel Rafael

Tom took this picture and a few more for me when someone parked in front of me and I couldn’t get a good view. Tom is from Alaska and was a familiar face. It turned out he works security at KFF usually on the dance floor stage right. I KNEW I recognized that face from somewhere!!

Tom from Alaska and KFF's Dance floor security team

It was good to see Jerry. I can’t remember his last name, or if he’s an Irishman from Scotland, or a Scotsman from Ireland (I think that’s correct), but if my memory serves, he has been at every single Woodyfest since it’s inception!

Jerry - here again from across the big pond

Randy (KFF bud), Jonathan Byrd, Chick (KFF bud) Tom, and half of Bruce Boldt watching and listening on the patio

Bob Dupree sharing a song in between open mic sets while Jonathan tunes up in the parking lot

Jonathan Byrd at Lou's - Damn! he's good!

Jonathan wowed us with three great songs!

Carolyn and Jack Hardy on the swing digging the tunes.

Robin - one of the kewlest people on the planet.... really!

Brooks and ( I forgot his name) on the patio at Lou's

Jerry Cope ("old fart") and Betty Ryan - Everybody loves this "Old Fart" and so do I!

What an afternoon… after Jonathan Byrd, we get Jack Hardy (with Cameron Snyder of Broken Wing Routine).

Jack Hardy and Cameron Snyder

Jack Hardy and Cameron Snyder

When I was talking to Jack after his set and I mentioned that he made me cry again… he said “That’s in my job description” –  yup, I guess so…

Bob - taking it all in while running open mic on the patio at Lou's Rocky Road Tavern

All right… we get to Saturday night in the Pastures of Plenty and the opening set was handled by Steppin’ In It. I really enjoy turning people on to this amazing group, and even if I don’t have anybody to spring them on, I always love these guys!! So much talent, so much fun!

Steppin' In It

After Steppin’ In It, Dan and I went backstage for supper and just sorta stayed there. We caught Joel Rafael’s set from there as well as Red Molly and Jimmy LaFave.

Jon Inmon, Joel Rafael and Terry Ware from backstage

Jon Inmon scattin' - just awesome!!

When Jimmy issued the call for all the artists to come up on stage for the grand finale, we were still back there and although in years past, we were absent, we thought…. “why not?” So there we were up on stage left with most of Stonehoney, Steppin’ In It, and Jon Inmon singing harmony on Seven Bridges Road, I’ll Fly Away, Oklahoma Hills, and finally This Land is Your Land.  We got some positive feedback from Dave and Nick so we knew we were hitting the harmonies well enough to belong up there… Our new friend, Candy, who we met Friday, just happened to be in the crowd and spotted us and took several pictures to send us and for that, we’ll be forever grateful!!

Mainstage - the finale - Dave and Shawn from Stone Honey, 75% of Steppin' In It, Dan, Doug and ?

I can’t quite describe how great if feels to feel like we belong in this group of entertainers that we respect and admire but maybe it feels a bit like when we play a gig and get back on the road and look at each other and say (as if we just pulled off a successful bank job) “we got away with another one, didn’t we?”  😉

Well I guess that’s it for Woodyfest 2010… I stopped in at the Hoot for Huntington’s on Sunday, but by the time I got there, the list was waaaayyy loooonnnng and I felt like I needed to get on the road so I didn’t sign up. I failed to take any pix, but I got to hear Jack Hardy do “Sojourner Truth – Ain’t I a Woman ” and Jonathan Byrd do “Father’s Day” wow!!  That was a pretty good close in my book, so I hit the road.

Looking forward to the next time….


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