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Perl – BTree (Binary Tree) use

February 18, 2011

I will hopefully be able to learn a bit about nodes if I download the BTree package and study it. I might be able to gain some understanding of Olson’s document on WinDecrypto.

Sudoku Solvers

February 13, 2011

I thought that I had previously posted notes on sudoku solving sites, but evidently not…

My friend Bob is a Sudoku guy too and he called me this morning wanting me to check out a puzzle in our local paper. It was a tough one. I took it to my favorite Sudoku site and entered it to find that it rated off the charts in the level of difficulty so I didn’t waste any time trying to solve it. Later Bob called and said that he found a Sudoku site that had some good strategy notes. I thought it might be a good idea if I made a note of the site.

Sudoku Solver from

and just for grins, the one I normally look at is:

Sudoku Solver by Logic

Louisiana Purchase Historical Surveys

February 11, 2011

Recently put online, by the Arkansas Commissioner of State Lands, are some historical documents related to the original survey of the Louisiana Purchase.  Quite interesting, but a little hard to navigate if you don’t know the layout of the townships and sections…

Louisiana Purchase Survey Historical Notes and Plats

Maybe I’ll see if I can figure it out… but the amazing thing is that “Using today’s modern technology including lasers and GPS (global positioning system) imaging it was discovered that in the fall of 1815, in a black water swamp, in the middle of the wilderness, they missed the intersection point by almost 1 inch!”