Sudoku Solvers

I thought that I had previously posted notes on sudoku solving sites, but evidently not…

My friend Bob is a Sudoku guy too and he called me this morning wanting me to check out a puzzle in our local paper. It was a tough one. I took it to my favorite Sudoku site and entered it to find that it rated off the charts in the level of difficulty so I didn’t waste any time trying to solve it. Later Bob called and said that he found a Sudoku site that had some good strategy notes. I thought it might be a good idea if I made a note of the site.

Sudoku Solver from

and just for grins, the one I normally look at is:

Sudoku Solver by Logic

One Response to “Sudoku Solvers”

  1. Drew Says:

    It definitely is good brain-food to solve Sudoku puzzles. The reward you feel once complete is similar to finishing a good book, playing the last note to a piece of music, or looking someone in the eye after a friendly embrace… Okay, maybe not so much! But it is a good feeling!

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