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Bald Eagle Live Cam

March 29, 2011

My longtime friend and Emeralds drummer Don Skiles sent me a link to this great live Eagle Cam out of Norfolk Virginia. If you are a bald eagle fan at all, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Not only is the live cam interesting, there are historical videos available of the activity at the nest showing, for example, the first of the three eaglets being fed…

Click here: Live Bald Eagle Cam

Thanks Don!

actually, sort of after the fact, I learned that Don got the link from Jeanie Green (Jim Green’s wife, and Jim Green is also an Emerald and long-time friend)   so I should give credit where credit is due!! Thanks Jeanie!

update 4-23
The eaglets were banded on 4-21… here’s a great video of the banding: Eaglet Banding Video

“But you’re not!”

March 27, 2011

From “The Onion And Philosophy” – This little blurb is so good and representative of the problem of philosophy, I’ve just gotta post it for posterity…

from Chapter 12 – Existential Times – by Paul Loader

Uncompliant Philosophy Student Drives Professor To Swearing

BOSTON, MA  –  37-year-old philosophy professor Hank Kirby was driven to swearing at one of his students in front of the rest of the class last Wednesday after the student persistently refused to recognize as meaningful the so-called ‘problem of other minds’.

“He’s just an idiot!” said usually good-natured Hank, when interviewed later about the incident.

The class began amicably enough with Kirby introducing the topic in what he thought would be “an interesting and engaging” manner. His opening question,“How do you know that I’m not a robot?” was met with some enthusiasm by several of the students present, one of whom even suggested that this was completely possible.”

Things started to go awry however when 17-year-old Benjamin Dupre joined in the conversation.

Dupre’s first interjection was apparently “But you’re not a robot” In which Kirby apparently replied “Well yes, I”m not saying that I actually am a robot but the question is, how can you be completely certain I’m not a robot? What are you basing your assumption that I’m not a robot on?” Dupre was then heard to reply once again “But you’re not.”

A complete record of how the conversation progressed after that is not available, but a portion of it can be reconstructed from notes taken by another student, Kathy Mullyman:

KIRBY: Okay, so let`s just imagine for the sake of argument that I was a robot. designed in some robot factory or other and…
DUPRE: But you’re not.
KIRBY: No, okay. Well we’ve already established that I’m not actually a robot. But suppose, as a kind of thought experiment that I was a robot and that every time it looked to you as though I was feeling some emotion or–
DUPRE: But you’re not.
KIRBY: No, no I’m not. I’m not saying that I am. I’m just saying that we could imagine that I was a robot and that if I was a robot you might not be able to tell the difference-
DUPRE: But you’re not.
KIRBY: No . . . but this is philosophy. The idea here is that we try to hypothesize. We try to imagine what it would be like if something were the case. We try to imagine what it would be like if I were a robot.
DUPRE: But you’re not.
KIRBY: Jesus! Look – I’m not saying I’m a robot okay. Why don‘t you get it? I’m just saying that, even though it would be incredibly unlikely, just suppose I were-
DUPRE: But you’re not. (End of transcript)

Although the remainder of the conversation is unavailable several students report that Kirby’s last words before leaving the classroom were “You f*cking asswipe”

When asked by the Dean why he hadn’t just humoured Kirby and gone along with the idea that he might be a robot, Dupre replied, “But he isn’t.”

SoLost from the Oxford American

March 18, 2011

SoLost (So Lost in the South, actually) is an award winning video series from the Oxford American.

I was made aware of its existence through the Paper Trails column in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette (3/18/11). Linda Caillouet mentioned it without offering any details as to what it is actually about.  I was curious and went to the Oxford American website and found it. It’s a series of videos, most no more than 5 or 6 minutes long, related to their favorite subject, what it means to be southern. I watched two or three and plan to watch them all. They are definitely worthy of the awards.

I heartily recommend spending some time to drink it in…


  • Legendary rockabilly frontman and session player Billy Lee Riley died this summer and was honored with a benefit concert at the equally-legendary Silver Moon Club in Newport, Arkansas, which lies along the newly-dubbed “Rock ‘N’ Roll Highway 67.”
  • another focuses on Dyess Arkansas and Johnny Cash…. good stuff!!