SoLost from the Oxford American

SoLost (So Lost in the South, actually) is an award winning video series from the Oxford American.

I was made aware of its existence through the Paper Trails column in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette (3/18/11). Linda Caillouet mentioned it without offering any details as to what it is actually about.  I was curious and went to the Oxford American website and found it. It’s a series of videos, most no more than 5 or 6 minutes long, related to their favorite subject, what it means to be southern. I watched two or three and plan to watch them all. They are definitely worthy of the awards.

I heartily recommend spending some time to drink it in…


  • Legendary rockabilly frontman and session player Billy Lee Riley died this summer and was honored with a benefit concert at the equally-legendary Silver Moon Club in Newport, Arkansas, which lies along the newly-dubbed “Rock ‘N’ Roll Highway 67.”
  • another focuses on Dyess Arkansas and Johnny Cash…. good stuff!!



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    Here is a link to the SoLost site:

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