Food/Veggie buying notes

This timely info comes from Lizzie Jane on her facebook page:
The dirty dozen..
When it comes to these items, try to buy these in organic form to avoid the excessive amounts of pesticide.
1. Strawberries
2. Celery
3. Apples
4. Peaches
5. Spinach
6. Nectarines
7. Kale/collard greens
8. Sweet bell peppers
9. Lettuce
10. Blueberries
11. Potatoes
12. Grapes

The clean 15..
These 15 produce items are known by the EWG as the “clean 15″. They have the least amount of pesticides and would be considered the items to buy if you can’t afford to go completely organic.
1. Grapefruit
2. Sweet corn (This is generally GMO, so you may want to always stick to organic with corn)
3. Pineapples
4. Avocado
5. Mushrooms
6. Cantaloupe
7. Sweet potatoes
8. Eggplant
9. Sweet peas
10. Kiwi
11. Cabbage
12. Watermelon
13. Mangoes
14. Onions
15. Asparagus

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