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Amusing Ourselves To Death

October 20, 2015

A photographer friend of mine (Guy Zahler) posted a link on Facebook to an article on which was a re-posted graphic comic strip written by Stuart McMillen about Neil Postman’s book titled “Amusing Ourselves To Death”. The substance of the strip is comparing George Orwell’s fears for the future as reflected in “1984” with Aldous Huxley’s fears expressed in “Brave New World”. It is an interesting article so I’ll post the link here:

Juxtapoz Article

The original graphic comic strip was removed from McMillen’s site since¬†the Neil Postman estate had asked him to remove the comic strip due to copyright infringement (some text from the book was contained in the strip).¬† I will also post a link to Stuart McMillen’s article about the removal (since it is quite possible that the Juxtapoz article may also be removed). McMillen’s post contains some fascinating observations on the Orwell/Huxley comic, as well as some of the original comic panels with the offending text removed. It also posts his thoughts on copyright law along with the fact that his original intent was to get people interested in Postman’s book (which evidently succeeded).

McMillen’s comments on Amazing Ourselves To Death

I, for one, am now very interested in reading the book. I also subscribed to Stuart McMillen’s email newsletter.