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Gibson’s Kalamazoo Gals Mystery

March 22, 2016

I just finished reading this story about Gibson Guitars producing guitars during World War II – Apparently the company was supposed to be making only products that supported the war effort. Much like many other industries, their male workforce was reduced to near nothing during the war. A music historian and journalist named John Thomas investigated a photograph of a group of women standing in front of the Gibson factory during that time period and eventually was able to publish a book entitled, “Kalamazoo Gals”.  After publication of the book, Gibson backtracked on their earlier cooperation with the author and denied that it ever happened. If you own a guitar with a little golden banner on the headstock reading “Only a Gibson is Good Enough.”, you have one of the guitars that was created by these women. It’s an interesting story and well worth the time to read it.

Here’s the link: Kalamazoo Gals