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Miller Williams – AETN Men and Women of Distinction

January 4, 2015

Excellent 30 minute production from Arkansas Educational Television Network on an Arkansas Treasure! Go here!


:-) obituary (Chuck Lorre’s numbered blurbs)

May 10, 2010

Chuck Lorre must be some sort of strange genius… a la Steven Wright:

Mr. Smiley Face Obituary

He’s the executive producer of several hit sit-coms. I had noticed those little things that appeared at the end of The Big Bang Theory and/or Two and a Half Men, but tonight for some reason, it intrigued me. I used the DVR to go back and look at it in slow motion. I think it only appeared on the screen for around one second.

Tonight’s was #286:

  • In public bathrooms I will sometimes use the “children’s urinal” in order to feel like a giant.
  • If no one’s around I’m likely to sing along with Aretha Franklin’s version of “You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman,” but not the Carole King Version.
  • I’ve never understood why anyone would bother making a porn movie that lasts longer than ten minutes.
  • I often pretend that the person standing next to me in an elevator is an unwitting carrier of a deadly airborne disease unleashed by terrorists who hate our freedom. This, of course, forces me to hold my breath until the doors open.
  • Forty years ago I measured my penis with a wood ruler. The irony was lost on me.
  • Sometimes sex just seems like a lot of work.
  • There are mornings when for no perceivable reason, I turn into a teenage girl and repeatedly change my outfit.
  • Even when asked, I’ve never been able to “talk dirty” to someone without feeling like a complete idiot.

too much!!!

I think I need to look at the complete archives – one at a time… 😉